Wednesday, 20 November 2013

We are happy when the guests feel great.

Salam. Saja jek nak postkan messages yg Raini berbalas dgn guest homestay hari tu. Very thoughtful kan. Luckily for our homestay our guests mostly are well thought guests kan..they have the responsibility to give a feedback. We appreciate their kindness of  keeping the bungalow like their own home.  We thank you very much on your lovely comments. Do stay again at our Homestay ye.

Tak mahal pun staying at this bungalow RM380 per night for max pax 20 people. 4 big bedrooms. Lovely interior deco and clean house. Gated property in almost 1acre land, Memang sesuai tuk gathering ramai2. Our bbq spot pun ada but kene sewa la RM50.00

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